Miscarriages of Justice in Catalonia


Miscarriages of Justice in Catalonia

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The citizens of Catalonia Spain (capital Barcelona) made it very clear, through the Parlament de Catalunya (see also Parlamento de Cataluña), the quality of justice that they want (see Carta de drets dels ciutadans davant de la justícia and Spanish version, pages 2-8). You can see in this web site that the current judicial system doesn't come close to the desired level.

Without doubt, the most serious and repulsive events passed in a domestic violence case, where the court justified the physical and verbal abuse done by the ex-husband to his ex-wife, because she provoked the agressor by her mere presence. The agressor has the support of the prosecutors, and the judges up to the level of the highest judicial power in Catalonia, Presidenta del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Catalunya, who has known about this case since Sept 2006 and has done nothing, despite the legal obligation to do so.

You can see in this web site that some judges and prosecutors disobey the law flagrantly and brazenly, with complete disregard for established legal procedures, as if they had unlimited absolute power.

If you know of any judge (or judges) in Catalonia who have broken the law in the course of their work, and the powers responsible have done nothing to correct the situation, please send us your information so it can be included in this web site.

The control mechanism apparently used to control the judges is the threat of "being overwhelmed”, basically a form of judicial mobbing.

The main problem is that the established controls (and laws) aren't being applied in practice to judicial discipline, unless there is pressure from the press. The system functions like the "fox guarding the henhouse". If a hen gets eaten from time to time, nobody does anything. But this isn't the way a democracy is supposed to work!

In this web site, nobody is being acused of nothing concrete (while reserving the right to take appropriate future legal action), on the various pages you can see the actual judicial resolutions which demonstrate their lack of legality. The extent of this is essencially WITHOUT PRECEDENT in our democracy. The readers can come to their own conclusions.

The following is a partial list of the judges and prosecutors who have intervened at some level in the cases detailed in this web site:

The existing judicial powers in Catalonia would like to be the legal “last resort”. With the dreadful situation as shown in this web site, the danger of repeating absolutely unjust resolutions is very high, given the lack of control. Before giving these people even MORE power, there needs to be an efficient and effective system to insure that they will obey the laws passed by the Parliament.

The purpose of this web is not to try to influence any court's decision on any existing judicial matter, but rather to inform the public officials and the public in general of the outragous judicial conduct which is occuring under their very noses, with the aspiration that appropriate measures will be applied so that these illegal actions WON'T BE REPEATED IN CATALONIA EVER AGAIN.

If you would like to help us, please print this flyer and post it at work, school, university, etc.

We are doing everything possible to insure that this web has the most accurate information possible. If anyone mentioned in this web would like to supply their explanation and/or correction to include in the web, please send your comments to info@injusticiacatalunya.info.

If anyone would like to supply their judicial experiences in Catalonia for inclusion in this web, please send your information to info@injusticiacatalunya.info.

We value greatly your comments about this web, which can be sent to info@injusticiacatalunya.info.

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Thank you for your attention and help! Together we can attain the quality of justice that we deserve and for which we pay with our taxes.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has.

"Que no haya duda: un pequeño grupo de ciudadanos pensantes y dedicados es capaz de cambiar el mundo. De hecho, es lo único que jamás lo ha logrado."

Margaret Mead (1901-1978), U.S.A / EE.UU.

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